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Esher Church of England High School

Esher Church of England High School

Esher Learning Trust

Autumn Term 2021

19 November 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians

At the start of the year, we introduced a motto “Belong. Be More. Be Esher!” for the year ahead to bring our school values to life. You may have had your children talk about this (I hope) or have seen this in some of our social media and bulletins. I wanted to share with you what this means to us as a school.

Belong: Our school is a fantastic place to come and learn and everyone is made to feel welcome. Our school values of Dignity and Community are encompassed in making everyone feel that they belong here. We educate all in our community to accept those who may be different to us or hold a different view to ours. As our mission statement says, we will provide an environment that enables everyone to work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, openness and trust.

Be More: this takes on many forms, bringing to life hope and aspirations. There are two main ways we focus on this with the students. The first being reflective on the day before and trying to ‘be more’ than the day before. It may a small, subtle tweak, but by doing this we continue to improve and learn. The second was a challenge I set every pupil. The challenge was to do or try something new this year. It may be a new after school club, hobby, sport or volunteering. We have increased the opportunities for students to do this for this year to make this challenge achievable.

We have 3 ‘Be More’ days planned for this academic year. These will be days where we pause the formal curriculum and have a range of activities for student personal development.

Be Esher: when all of the above happens, we are a great community that enhances not only the school, but the world beyond the school gates. It is a concept of not just school pride and spirit, as we also want the students to think bigger about the communities they come from and where they will contribute in the future.

I hope this gives you some understanding into the wider work we are doing with students and staff. As always, follow us on our social media to get some further insight into the great work happening here in school each day.

Yours sincerely

Mr A King

Head of School