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FAQs Assessments Summer 2021

FAQs – Year 11 TAGs 2021

What evidence will be used to award my child their grade in each subject?

A range of evidence will be used from that gathered across the duration of the course.  Evidence later in the course will be given greater importance, as we know students mature and develop over time.  It will also be evidence which we know was completed independently, as this is more reliable.  Finally, different subjects will emphasise different sources of evidence depending on the demands of the course.  Students will have a portfolio for each subject which will contain their evidence.  They will be asked to verify this is their work.  Please refer to the document below for further information regarding the evidence by subject.

Where can I find my school reports?

You can find all your school reports, including the most recent Year 11 report from November 2020, in your EduLink account under ‘Documents’.

How will Esher High School ensure that all students are treated fairly?

We will apply the agreed access arrangements or reasonable adjustments to the summer assessments, so that no student is disadvantaged.    We are making sure all students sit the same assessments at the same time at the end of their courses, so that one class is not unfairly advantaged because they have heard about the content from their peers who have sat the material early in the week.  This is why we have chosen to have our assessments at the same time and use the Sports Hall.  We also have plans in place to ‘blind mark’ the final assessments to remove any potential teacher bias.  Students will only record their candidate number on the front of the paper.

My child has been absent, due to poor health, how will the school ensure students in these circumstances are not disadvantaged?

Absence due to issues beyond a child’s control will be taken into account.

How will my results be issued?

Results will be released to students on Thursday 12 August from 8:30am.  This year, due to potential social distancing requirements, results will be issued electronically.   

Students will be able to access their results by logging in to their student accounts on EduLink.  Once logged in the results will be available by accessing the Exam area and selecting the ‘Exam Results’ tab on the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

All students will be mailed their individual results statement however we are not permitted to post them prior to results day so will be received in the following days.  

If I am not happy with my final grade, will I be able to appeal it?

If you think you have been awarded the wrong grade and want to appeal your grade you should read the GCSE Appeals Process 2021 that can be found here on our Policies and Documents page.  If, after reading this document, you wish to submit an appeal you must complete the online form here for a Stage 1 Centre Review appeal which will also give you the opportunity to speak to someone about your grade if you submit the form (and indicate this) between 9:00am and 2:00pm on Thursday 12 August.  

If, following the outcome of the Stage 1: Centre review you are still unhappy with our grade you may progress to a Stage 2 appeal to an awarding organisation. Before submitting this appeal you should read the GCSE Appeals Process 2021 again.  Click here for the Stage 2: Appeal to an awarding organisation form.

What if I want to re-sit the exam? 

Students who are unhappy with their grade, and either have been unsuccessful in their appeal or chose not to appeal, will have the opportunity to sit an examination in the Autumn Term (Mon 15 November-Thurs 2 December 2021).  If you choose to take an exam in any qualification you will need to sit all papers associated with that qualification, e.g. if you are sitting the Maths exams you will sit three exams (one non-calculator and two calculator).  To ensure you are entered for any exams you want to sit you will need to complete our online enquiry form.  Once we have the timetable and further details we will contact you arrange your exams.  Requests for re-sits should be submitted by Friday 10 September.

Where can I get careers advice? 

Our school Careers Advisor’s contact details are given below: 

Mrs Alex Elbourn - Elmbridge Consortium Careers Adviser 

The National Careers Service has set up an exam results helpline.  Students or their parents/guardians can contact the helpline on 0800 100 900 to speak with a professionally qualified careers advisor if you need advice on your next steps.  You may also like to visit their website at or search for them on Facebook and Twitter.