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Esher Church of England High School

Esher Church of England High School

Esher Learning Trust


At Esher High School we believe that the curriculum should enable all young people to be:
    • Educated for wisdom, knowledge and skills
    • Educated for hope and aspiration
    • Educated for community and living well together
    • Educated for dignity and respect 

We intend the curriculum at Esher High School to be a journey for each student that will capitalise on the knowledge, understanding and skills that they have developed at KS2, whilst building on and promoting our ethic of excellence across all subjects they encounter.  We place an emphasis on promoting strength and success in all subjects that students study to ensure they are well equipped for future education and the world beyond.  

Our curriculum is designed to foster variety and personalisation to allow progress for all students. The Curriculum is annually reviewed and developed to not only meet the needs and strengths of our students, but to provide rich opportunities for them to develop a range of skills and enjoy memorable experiences.

There is a real breadth of courses and range of levels across the curriculum, addressing the needs of all groups of students; a very strong traditional academic offer balanced with specific vocational and alternative courses.

KS3 Years 7, 8 and 9

Students are encouraged to focus on knowledge and understanding whilst developing the skills they will need to be successful and independent learners.

At KS3 the school offers a broad and balanced curriculum, with students studying Maths, English, Science, French, Spanish, Geography, History, PE, Music, Design & Technology, Art, Computing, Dance (in Years 8 & 9), Drama, Food, RE and PSHCE.

KS4 Years 10 and 11

Our broad and personalised KS4 curriculum meets the needs of learners exceptionally well through a wide range of academic and vocational courses.  A significant number of students are offered the opportunity to follow GCSE subjects that make up the English Baccalaureate.

Students undertake the GCSE options process in the spring term of Year 9, where they are guided onto appropriate courses.  We set students by ability in Mathematics and Science.  Some students have additional hours of Mathematics and English in order for them to maximise their potential in these crucial subjects.

Beyond the classroom

We believe that all students should have a variety of creative experiences outside of the normal curriculum whether that creativity is through Arts or the Sciences. In order to meet this aim we have:

  • Trips to the theatre/arts events
  • Visits from theatre/arts groups to provide events at the school
  • More Days when lessons are suspended and students work on a range of projects involving careers, citizenship, wellbeing, the Arts and Sciences and other curriculum areas.
  • There are a variety of external speakers and visits arranged through PSHCE & Citizenship addressing topical issues
  • Our careers education, information, advice and guidance programme is supported by visits to careers fairs and external speakers from alumnae.