We are required by law to publish certain policies and documentation on our website.

Please click on the links below to access the relevant information on all our school policies.

Please note the Behaviour Policy is currently under review.


Name Date File Size  
Admissions Policy 2017 25th Feb 2016443 KB Download
Admissions Policy 2018 15th Mar 2018442 KB Download
Admissions Policy 2019 15th Mar 2018602 KB Download
Anti Bullying 10th Mar 2016673 KB Download
Assessment and Feedback Policy 2017 08th May 2017371 KB Download
Attendance Policy 28th Nov 2013370 KB Download
Behaviour Policy 10th Mar 2016760 KB Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 13th Jan 2016259 KB Download
Child protection and safeguarding policy 09th Nov 2017737 KB Download
Collective Worship 07th Aug 201332 KB Download
Communication with non-resident parents 28th Jun 2016422 KB Download
Complaints Procedure 30th Apr 2018929 KB Download
Data Protection Policy 23rd Mar 2016434 KB Download
Drugs Policy 23rd May 2018679 KB Download
EAL 05th Oct 2016108 KB Download
Equal Opportunities and Anti-Predudicial... 19th Sep 2017467 KB Download
Exclusion Policy 23rd May 2018134 KB Download
Freedom of Information 23rd Mar 2016463 KB Download
Health and Safety policy 2015 ELT 08th May 2017564 KB Download
Online and Mobile Phone Policy 15th May 2018741 KB Download
Privacy Notice for Students 23rd May 2018670 KB Download
Recycling and Waste Policy 07th Aug 201320 KB Download
Religious Studies 07th Aug 201321 KB Download
SEND Policy 23rd Mar 2016639 KB Download
Sex and Relationship Education Policy 20... 08th May 2017262 KB Download
Teaching and Learning Policy 2017 08th May 2017202 KB Download
Trips and Visits 23rd Mar 2016132 KB Download
Whistleblowing Policy 23rd Mar 2016285 KB Download