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Esher High welcomes award winning author Alan Gibbons

On Tuesday the 21st of October Year 10 students were privileged to welcome the author Alan Gibbons to the school.  Alan Gibbons has been writing children's books for twenty three years. He is the winner of the Blue Peter Book Award 2000 his best-selling book Shadow of the Minotaur, but better known to Esher High Students as the author of “The Edge” a book many of our students study in Year 8.

On this occasion Alan gave an amusing autobiographical presentation to the Y10 students to inspire their own Creative Writing. This was followed with workshops where the students wrote a piece of Gothic writing, based on Frankenstein or Dracula.

Students were also given the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of one of Alan’s more recent books.

It was an enjoyable and productive day for all with an opportunity to see how an author composes fictional work.