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Year 8 students pay tribute to Grenfell


Grenfell Tower – We will remember

By Verity Purdy Year 8

The Tragedy of Grenfell Tower is something we will never forget.

72 innocent lives were sadly taken from this world as on the 14th June 2017 a fire in London started and was the beginning to an end for many innocent civilians. Although there were many lucky survivors, many would have been affected both mentally and physically.

Wounded on skin and on soul.

Sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers. An uncle or an aunt maybe. However, all of these individual personalities meant something special to someone… However, we will remember. I hope that never again shall something strike us so hard that in the early hours of the morning 72 men, women and children died.

We have a minute silence to remember these people because maybe we did or did not know them, maybe they were strangers, friends or family but they were still people. People who were loved and so we did this as a sign of respect.

We never know what might happen next and this tragic event has reminded us of that.


The Grenfell Tower

By Ryanna George Year 8

Last year a devastating 72 lives were lost at the tragic Grenfell tower fire. Not only where lives taken, lives were destroyed as a family homes (which families lived in for years) were also ruined. Many of these families grew up in this tower block community and lost everything. Still today families are still living in hotels trying to rebuild their lives. 

The fire really touched my heart and I will always remember the 14th of June 2017. This made me realise that we should cherish life and not take it for granted. We should also live in the moment and remember all of our memories as the days go by. 

Every year on the day of the incident we should have a one minute silence to think about the lives lost and how it impacted peoples lives. 


The Grenfell Tragedy

By Iris Lowe Year 8

The Grenfell tragedy happened in 2017. Lots of people who lived in the block of flats died meaning loss of family, friends and people you know. One of the flats set alight burning more and more things leading to the whole tragedy. The civilians living on the top floor couldn’t escape so were there to die. 72 people are missing and presuming dead.

My opinion on all of this is that it is truly heart breaking. My love is to all the people who lost family, friends, neighbours even colleague basically anyone you knew who died or are hurt from the fire. I think that whoever started the fire incidentally or not should feel guilty.

On the way to a school trip we saw the building from the coach. My heart filled with sadness. If I could travel back in time I would try and warn someone about this tragedy from happening.