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  • EHS celebrates World Book Day in the snow

EHS celebrates World Book Day in the snow

Esher High School celebrated literacy on World Book Day with various competitions and dressing up.Teachers from across the school dressed up as their favourite characters from books:


IMG_1120         IMG_1111IMG_1110

The students were challenged to create miniature book worlds:

       Verity Purdy        K Hristozova  Beatrice Gowan

First prize went to Verity Purdy – 8KMA.  Second prize to Kristina Hristozova.  Third prize to Beatrice Cowan – 7GWA.  Well done to all pupils for their fabulous efforts.

Tutor group competition

Each tutor group competed against others in their year group to bring in books which will be used for ERIC, in the HUB and children’s books will be sent to St Andrews.   The winning tutor group in each year group were awarded cookies for their efforts.  Year 7 winners were 7VJO.  Year 8 winner were 8LHE .  Year 9 winners were 9ACO.  Year 10 winner were 10SKE


 World Book Day Quiz

Students were challenged to a World Book Day quiz with quotes and images displayed around the school corridors throughout the day.  There were a huge number of students who entered this competition and many achieving 100%.  Names were randomly picked from these winners to then have a winning entry for each year group.  Congratulations to:

Year 7 – Lucy Stratton-Parker

Year 8 – Nathan Jackson

Year 9 – William Cuff

Year 10 – Lucy Hu

Year 11 – Orion McIlwain

World Book Day Read-aloud

One of our favourite activities of the day was the World Book Day Read-aloud.  Every lesson for the first 5 minutes each class teacher read aloud an extract from specially chosen WBD books to the pupils.  The students were gripped by the short extracts