You Said, We Did

At Esher High School we place great value on feedback to develop the school provision further.  Below are some examples of significant initiatives that have been driven by your feedback.

You said

We did

Reports had insufficient information

Since 2015 reports have greater information about attitude to lessons and attainment

Concern over low level poor behaviour

Behaviour strategies and training since 2016 are improving student approach and accountability

Staff absence means lessons missed

Changes to the holiday dates have reduced staff absence significantly.  We have also reduced the number of term time visits to increase staff time in school.

Inset training during the afternoons was difficult to manage

There are now just three whole day training days

Girls’ skirts are inappropriate for school

In September we changed to a new uniform for girls which includes a more appropriate skirt.

Concern over safety of students at the school

We have introduced security gates to ensure children are safe from unwanted visitors

It was hard to track homework set

Introduced ‘Show My Homework’ which enables students and parents to access homework set

You are worried about children’s mental health

We have trained a team of mental health ambassadors who will support students from January 2018.  Every day there will be a designated place for students to get support.

You are concerned about children’s spiritual development

We have, together with Christ Church Esher, appointed a part time chaplain.

Why can't Parents Evening appointments be booked online? We have trialled a new system to book appointments online for Year 9 Parents Evening in January 2018. Once the results of the trial are known, we plan to roll-out to other year groups.

Clashes for Yr 11 students’ period 6 lessons caused difficulty

Students have P6 timetabled for lessons of greatest need