Potential High Attainers

Rationale for Potential High Attainers  at Esher C of E High School

At Esher C of E High School we aim to offer a curriculum that is differentiated to meet the varied needs of all our learners throughout their five-year journey at school.  In addition, we endeavour to ensure that our most able students leave Esher High School with the drive and determination to achieve academic success and to reach their full potential. We aim to foster a passion in the students for their individual subjects and to provide a programme that will inspire and motivate our potential high attainers to progress to further education and university. 

Across the school we identify and support students who are considered to be high attainers in particular subjects and also those who have outstanding abilities in creative and physical activities such as music and sport.  As part of the day-to-day process of teaching and learning, these students are motivated and challenged to achieve their full potential through differentiated classroom activities. There is also an extended programme of after-school clubs and activities.

To become potential high attainers, students need to achieve year-on-year and students' progress is monitored and evaluated at the end of each academic year.

In-school programme for Potential High Attainers

A range of strategies are employed across the school to motivate and inspire all of our students.  Classroom strategies and techniques used by teachers include 'challenge' and 'extreme zones' within lessons. Outside the classroom, students can participate in a variety of motivational events and activities designed to increase skills, awareness and aspirations. For example, the Year 8's are currently taking part in the BBC Schools Report. Key Stage 3 students take part in the Scholars Programme. The KS4 students participate in motivational talks related to Russell Group university applications and a trip to Oxford University is to become a regular feature of our future programme. In addition, there is a range of after-school-clubs and trips run by individual subject departments designed to extend the horizons of potential high attainers. For more information about these programmes, follow the link for a summary of Esher C of E High School’s provision for Potential High Attainers (PHA) in different subjects.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding PHA provision at Esher C of E High School please email Mrs C Best on cbest@esherhigh.surrey.sch.uk or telephone the school on 01372 468068.