Travel Plan

The school were required to complete a Travel plan for Surrey County Council as part of the planning permission to expand our school from a 6 Form Entry (FE) Secondary School to an 8 FE Secondary School. 

A draft travel plan was completed for SCC by a consultant in September 2013.  The information submitted as part of this high level travel plan was gathered in consultation with Surrey.

The current Travel Plan has been looked at in depth by staff within the school and includes the following information:

  • access to the school site
  • transport links
  • how staff and students travel to school (surveys were conducted)
  • the issues around travel and access to the school site
  • objectives (in terms of what the school are aiming to achieve)
  • targets
  • measures to be implemented.

Amongst the number of issues identified are the following:

  • The safe access for pedestrians coming into the school site from Esher town centre.  Pedestrians have to cross over the main entrance into the school in order to access the pedestrian path.
  • The speed of traffic on More Lane which is potentially a risk for those walking and cycling to school.

Travel Surveys:

The data gathered at the recent staff and student travel surveys was compared with surveys conducted in 2011 & 2012 and the most significant differences noted are as follows:

  • The number of students walking to school has increased by more than 2%
  • The number of students travelling to school by car (single passenger) has decreased by almost 5%
  • The number of members of staff driving to school on their own has decreased by almost 3%
  • The number of members of staff using public transport has almost doubled

The school will be looking at a number of measures to decrease the number of staff and students travelling to school by car and these include:

  • Providing safe cycle routes information
  • Road safety training for year 7 students
  • Holding travel plan events to inform parents of the schools travel plan objectives
  • Promoting car sharing amongst members of staff by setting up a car share database and providing a map of where staff live.


The travel plan will be reviewed on an annual basis.

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Esher High School Travel Plan 25th Apr 20162 MB Download