Developing Teaching

This course aims to stimulate discussion and reflection on how practitioners can develop their own teaching. By visiting schools and observing teachers in the classroom delegates can experience a range of different teaching techniques and styles. 


The course will be delivered over two 1/2 and one full day and the venue will be determined by the make-up of cohort - primary/secondary or mixed.


This course is aimed at teachers are keen to explore a range of teaching techniques that could develop and enhance their teaching.


By the end of the course teachers will have developed a tool kit of ideas suited to the context and style of the individual delegate.

The course provides the necessary time and space to observe and explore teaching and learning. By visiting schools and observing teachers in the classroom delegates will experience a range of different teaching techniques and styles.

Discussion of observations, texts and videos will enable the group to unpick the pedagogies observed, generate ideas and then reflect on how these could be used in their own classroom.

Time will be given to develop strategies which will then need to be trailed and reflected on post session. Delegates will be expected to share their experiences with the group at the next session.

Cost;    £350  with discounts for multiple bookings.

For information on dates and to find out more email Alison Morgan on or call on 01372 468068 ext 211.