Advancing Teaching

Introducing another new course designed by ELT, which  offers  delegates a real exploration of how practitioners can advance  their teaching. Instead of numerous presentations, the course uses reflection, texts and video clips to stimulate discussions. Delegates are encouraged to reflect on their own and others practice and to define their own ideas and beliefs on what will advance their teaching to even higher levels.


The course will be delivered over five 1/2 day sessions and includes observations carried out at a number of different schools


This course is aimed at teachers who are secure in their teaching with some years of experience.


It provides the time and space, in a secure environment, for practitioners to look critically at their own teaching; to unpick what is working and what could be improved further.

By visiting schools and observing teachers in the classroom delegates can experience a range of different teaching   techniques and styles. This enables delegates to

· have an intellectual debate about teaching and learning;

· explore pedagogies

· identify opportunities  and adapt them to the delegates own teaching styles.

Post session tasks will enable teachers to trial and reflect on the techniques and then share their findings with the group.


For information on dates and to find out more email Alison Morgan on or call on 01372 468068 ext 211.