Student Illness

The following information is advice provided by the NHS regarding student illness. 


Students can attend school if they are taking medicines, including antibiotics and painkillers. Please ask them to bring the medication into student services clearly labelled with their name and how often it should be taken, only the amount that is needed  to be administered  in school needs to be brought in. We also require a ‘Pupil Medication Request’ form to be filled in, this is available on the website or from student services.

Coughs and colds

Students can be given paracetamol and plenty of fluids then be sent to school. Student services can provide students with paracetamol if they have a signed consent form kept in student services or for Y7 the box for consent was ticked in the welcome pack. Forms can be downloaded from the website or obtained from student services. If a student regularly requires paracetamol or other pain relief they can bring this in (clearly labelled with their name) and it can be stored in student services for their own use.

Headache, earache and stomach ache

Students with these symptoms can attend school after being given fluids and paracetamol. It would be useful to write a note in the planner that they have felt unwell so the teacher can determine whether to send them to student services if the symptoms persist. If these symptoms persist for three days or more seek medical advice.

Sore throat, tonsillitis and glandular fever.

Students can be given paracetamol and plenty of fluids then be sent to school.  Medication issued by a doctor can be administered in school, as detailed above.


Students can attend school but must be encouraged to regularly wash their hands.

Stomach bug

Students can return to school 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting/diarrhoea.

Measles/Chicken Pox and German Measles


  • Measles – students should come back to school four days after the rash has started.
  • Chicken pox – students should come back to school five days after the rash has started.
  • German measles - students should come back to school six days after the rash has started.

This information  has been taken from the Health Protection Agency document ‘Guidance in Infection Control in schools and other childcare settings’. For further information go to


We require medical evidence when a student has been off for 3 or more consecutive days. This can be an appointment card from the GP, a of copy of prescription, prescribed medicine label or with a GP note.

Any queries please contact the attendance office on x249 or email