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Head Girl/Boys Welcome

Hello and welcome to Esher Church of England High School. We are Ozama Iqbal and Maddie Clifford, the Head Boy and the Head Girl. We’ve been attending the school since year 7, in 2012 and have thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

At Esher High School, are led by highly trained and professional members of staff who help us develop both our academic skills as well as social so that we may mature into young adults. We are supported by a wide range of pastoral support staff as well as a trained team of year 10/11s that are there to help all students along the way. We have a strong sense of community and belonging so every student feels at home and safe.

At Esher High, we have been given the opportunity to take part in many activities including extra-curricular trips to places such as Italy, France and New York and many more. These trips were not only very enjoyable, but gave us first-hand experience in the subjects that we study at school. As well as international trips, we have also been given the opportunities to visit local attractions such as the theatre, Thorpe Park and the Natural History Museum. These all complimented our subjects we study and helped us develop our knowledge.

We would both like to give you a background on each of our experiences at Esher High.

Maddie Clifford: “When I first began at Esher High in year 7, I had moved internationally from Australia to England just a few weeks beforehand. I was extremely nervous to start but my tutor was very welcoming and friendly and I met some amazing friends within the first few hours that I’m still very close with to this day.

“Esher High provided me with amazing opportunities and environments where I could really enjoy my learning and thrive. I attended extra-curricular clubs in the PE department, such as netball, which I loved and enjoyed meeting new girls in my year group that shared similar passions to mine. We were able to compete competitively as a team, both at school and away, which was always something to look forward to and allowed us to take a break from our studies.

“I’ve been provided with astounding levels of support and guidance through my academic study. The teachers have been very helpful in guiding me through the topics and revision to help me reach my potential and achieve the very best grades that I can. Currently, I study P.E, drama, graphic design, history and full-RE alongside the core subjects (maths, English, science). I excel particularly in P.E, as it is a true passion of mine and Esher High has helped provide outstanding facilities, such as the brand new  sports hall, and opportunities where I could fully reach my potential in this subject.

“Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Esher High School and am looking forward to many more experiences to come in my final year here.”

Ozama Iqbal: “My first day at Esher High School was one of the most memorable days of my school experience. It is the first week and first few days that allow you to make friends that will stay with you forever. I had recently moved across from Germany to England at the start of year 6 where I had to learn English.  It was not easy to start off with as I had been pushed a year forward because of my age but by the time I reached year 7 I felt fully prepared to start secondary school, and I was over the moon to start.

“My time at Esher High School started with a meeting of my tutor group which consisted of people that I had never met before but I found myself making friends instantaneously as I stepped through the door. My form tutor Miss Kepinska, gave us a tour of the school and told us about our timetable and how it worked and before I knew it I was already half way through year seven and enjoying every lesson that I came across.   This was most likely because the teachers where so supportive and helpful and I quickly came to realise that the big Year 10s and 11s were not as scary as they seemed at first.

 “Esher High has provided me with countless extracurricular opportunities such as being the Football Captain in year 7, the hockey Captain in year 8 and the Basketball captain in year 9. I have also played sports such as Cricket, Rugby, Handball and Fitness in the Gym. I have also participated in academic extracurricular activities such as Debate Club, and additional Maths.  The range of wider curricular activities have allowed me to have the best understanding of all subjects so that by the time I got to the end of year 9 I knew what GCSE options I was going to study. Now in year 11 I feel confident with my GCSE options of Geography, History, Graphics, Computer Science, Additional Maths, Triple Science, Full RE and PE Leadership.

“I urge you to go out there and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way, but what is most important is to enjoy your time at Esher High.”

We believe that the both of us are a great example of being able to achieve and thrive at Esher High School, despite any obstacles such as moving internationally or any other hurdles students at this school have had to overcome. You don’t have to be stand-out intelligent or talented; you can still achieve and excel, as long as you are willing to push yourself and work hard to be the absolute best that you can possibly be.

Thank you.

Ozama Iqbal (Head Boy) Maddie Clifford (Head Girl)