Esher High School takes your welfare incredibly seriously and we have various strategies to deal with any bullying matters which may arise, and to support all of our school community effectively.

A team of dedicated students and staff have worked tirelessly, and continue to do so in order to ensure students remain safe and secure on the way to, from and at school, whilst also providing them with essential support and a variety of systems through which students can report any concerns.

The on-going support for both ‘bully’ and ‘victim’ includes two Student Well-Being Coordinators and Heads of Year all of whom can be found in the pastoral block. Form Tutors are also there to listen and support students throughout their time at Esher High School. We also have a team of Senior Students to include Prefects, Peer Mentors, Peer Mediators and Cybermentors, all of whom have been professionally trained to support our students both in school and online via the ‘Beat Bullying’ website.  

Further to this, all of our staff have been trained in a Restorative Approach to behaviour management, a proven strategy in changing future behaviours, as developed initially within the police force.  We also provide all parents with a Parent Support Guide which outlines these strategies, provides contact details for the specified staff and a variety of websites and contact details of external agencies amongst other support information.

These wide and varied support services, in addition to our policy, practices, curriculum and on-going staff and student training, have been audited and robustly assessed by a specialist team of assessors from Surrey County Council.  Their assessment included time with the Headteacher, Governors, the Student Well-Being Coordinator, students and parents.  The assessors reported:

•        “A particular strength was the clear systems for monitoring the efficacy of the processes for supporting young people who have been bullied”

•        “parents were unanimous that positive changes had been made in the approach to anti-bullying and that the current system to report and gain support was working and was valued by the group”

•        “We were impressed by the students we met who showed great maturity in talking about the school and how it has moved forward”

•        “We were extremely impressed by the clear links across the curriculum that have been identified and implemented”

•        “Your student leadership team were able to demonstrate not only a clear understanding of your anti-bullying agenda, but were also excellent ambassadors for the school.”

Should you have any concern regarding bullying you can report it to any of the staff directly, Senior Students, or to the Student Well-Being coordinators via email at