Transition Advice

Top Ten Tips

Many parents are anxious about their child starting a secondary school. Here are some tips on how you can help your child through transition to Esher C of E High School.

  1. Try not to show your anxiety to your child.
  2. Try and reassure and arrange for one parent to be there in the morning and be there when he/she comes home.
  3. Make sure your child has a visit to the school during term time. For a majority this will be on our Year 7 induction day in July.
  4. Take your child on the journey to school and on the route home again before the first morning.
  5. Be ready for some possible insecure childish behaviour, tears etc. Be sympathetic.
  6. Take an interest in the new subjects and new friends.
  7. Ensure you know the pastoral care at Esher C of E High School and that your child has all the support that they may need. Tutors are a good first contact point and your child will be meeting them on the induction day.
  8. Homework needs to be done. Make sure there is a quiet place to work. Some children like to do it immediately they come home. Others need a break before starting.
  9. Your child needs to learn to work on their own and organise their own time. Try not to interfere or take control too much unless the work is not getting done.
  10. Try to get your child into the habit of packing their school bag the night before. It might be helpful for you to do this with them in the first couple of weeks to give them gentle reminders about what they might need. Familiarising yourself with your child’s timetable and Student Organiser can be useful.

Below are a few more pieces of advice in helping transition to go smoothly for your child.

Travelling to school

For many children, this may be the first time they have travelled to school by bus, train, and bicycle or even walked on their own. Make sure that you have taken them on the route and that they know exactly where to board the bus/train and where to get off. A dummy run with Mum or Dad is always very reassuring.

You may have a sibling or there may be an older child at Esher C of E High School who lives nearby and who would be happy to accompany your child on the first day.


Children can be embarrassed by not looking right, or not having the right equipment. Make sure you, and your child, have checked carefully the list provided by the school of necessary uniform and equipment.

They may have to choose a school dinner rather than packed lunches. Ask about the cost of these if they have to pay for it daily (see the Blue Diner menus in our School information section of the website to get an idea of prices). There is nothing worse than choosing something and be embarrassed by it costing more than you expected.

Geography of school

Your child will have seen around the school at Parents evening and visiting days. It may seem enormous to them and they may be worried about finding their way around. The schools often provide a map especially with their Information pack. Ensure that your child has this.

At Esher C of E High School we have prefects who spend time and link with tutor groups. This ‘buddy’ system works well and is very reassuring. It gives the new pupil the opportunity to ask the older person any question as well as finding their way around. They may not know where to put their sports equipment, how to hand in homework, where the nearest toilets are etc.

Esher C of E High School takes great pride in ensuring that new pupils are made to feel ‘at home’ as quickly as possible.


It may be the first time that your child has had homework. This will be introduced in the school as a gradual process. It is a good idea to have a quiet space in the house for your child to do their homework. They may need access to a computer. At the start all pupils will need some reassurance, help and advice. Our Homework Club that runs Mon-Thurs from 3 – 5pm in the LRC is also available. Homework timetables are also available for parents and students to see on our website