Student Concerns

If you need to talk to an adult regarding a concern, you should speak to your Form Tutor in the first instance.  However, you also have a Head of Year to support your social and academic development and two Student Well-Being coordinators, who can be contacted at any time during the school day to report a concern.

If you do have a concern that you wish to report, you should tell one of these adults or email

No matter how big or small you think the problem may be, talking is a sign of strength and helps us to help you enjoy life at Esher High School.  You can download our Student Support Card here, which you can use as a reminder of how to deal with any concerns you may have.  You can also check as to how we will deal with your concerns by downloading the flowchart to the right of this page.

It is also important to know that staff at Esher High School are trained in ‘Restorative Approaches’, a technique developed from the police.  This is proven to be the most effective way to manage and change negative behaviour, as it encourages each other to think about how the other person would feel in certain situations, and how one person’s actions can impact on another.  It is a very supportive approach to working with children and one that we are passionate about at Esher High School.