Peer Mentors/ Mediators

Over 70 students in Years 10 and 11 have been trained by external professionals and actively support younger students in their tutor groups during the week, at breaks, lunchtimes and generally around the school. 

Peer Mentors support students by spending time in the Year 7 and 8 tutor groups to build relationships with the younger students and get to know them more. 

They offer a ‘friendly face’ for younger students to go to should they need support or advice and importantly the Peer Mentors are trained in questioning skills such that they can support younger students effectively, whether the need be social or academic.

Peer Mediators have similar skills yet their training was more on how to help people resolve conflict…in other words how to help students resolve issues if they have fallen out with each other. 

Peer Mediators do not visit tutor groups like the Mentors, but instead operate a ‘safe haven’ at lunchtimes...somewhere quiet for students to go.  They are also assigned by staff to help students resolve conflicts and similar to Mentors, can be identified by their badges and are happy to support students at breaks, lunches or around the school site.

You can find the Peer Mentors and Mediators in the corridor between the Blue Diner and The Hub. You can also ask your tutor or pastoral co-ordinator if you would like Peer Mentor/Mediator help.