Senior Leadership


Diocesan Senior Leadership Course


Aim: To strengthen and develop the potential of Primary phase Senior Leadership Teams.

Target Audience: Primary school senior leadership teams.

Course Location: Guildford Diocese Education Department

  Dates (15.15 - 18.30) Session Theme
1 4th October 2016 Improving the Quality of Teaching; Auditing
2. 14th November 2016 School Self-Evaluation
3. 3rd December 2016 Collective Capacity
4. 19th January 2017 Improving the Quality of Teaching; Developing Practice
5. 21st February 2017 Leading a Culture of Improvement for all Children
6. 22nd March 2017 Leading Change for Improvement
7. 25th April 2017 Leading and Developing Teams - Personal Effectiveness
8. 24th May 2017 Leading and Developing Staff


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