List of Governors

Governing Body for 2017/2018

Foundation Governors

Mr L Beighton, retires 31/8/2020

Mrs H Coulson (Chair) retires 31/08/2019

Revd Dr S Collier (Incumbent)

Revd N Kurz (ex-officio)

Mr G Manickam Co-opted, awaiting confirmation from the Deanery

Rev David Gerrard, retired 01/12/2016

Community Governors

Mrs N Eggar, retires 19/09/18

Mrs P Price, retires 16/09/2018

Mr N Bennett, retires 17/3/2019

Ms T Correia, retires 22/09/2019

Mr R Walker, retires 29/02/2020

Parent Governors

Ms D Mason (Vice Chair), retires 05/02/2019

Ms R Heather, retires 05/02/2019

Ms M Summers, retires 05/02/2019

Mrs A Butler, retires 01/03/2020

Mrs M Dawes, retires 20/09/2020

Mr D Burke, resigned 23/09/2017

Staff Governors

Headteacher   Mr M BoddingtonStaff Governor    

Mrs L Wilsdon, retires 29/02/2020

Staff Governor  Mr B Leibenberg, resigned 26/09/2017