Code of Conduct

We have high expectations of all staff and students at Esher C of E High School and we expect all students to follow the basic Code of Conduct at all times.  It is also printed in every student planner to remind all students.  By following the Code of Conduct every student is able to learn and get the most out of their time here at the school. You will see the Code of Conduct on posters in all classrooms throughout the school.

  • Attend every lesson
  • Arrive on time
  • Bring all the equipment you need in a suitable bag
  • Put bags and coats away
  • Begin and end the lesson in a polite and orderly way
  • Listen carefully
  • Follow instructions
  • Work hard
  • Ask for help when you need it – put your hand up to ask a question
  • Help each other when it is appropriate but don’t distract or annoy anyone
  • Be sensible at all times
  • Do you homework as well as you can and hand it in on time
  • Finish eating before coming into the classroom